The Lord of the Rings
As Musical

I have heard that Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is to be set up as a musical on Broadway or perhaps in London in due time. And as the critical point always is the song-text then I suggest the following humble samples.

(imagine Gollum or Saruman or somebody else come singing the following)
Mel.: The Hills are Alive...

The Ring is alive with the sound of Evil
With hatred it sung for a thousand years
The Ring fill my heart with a touch of Evil
My hand wants to have ev'ry ring that nears.

This is only a start, of course. One can easily be inspired and find good materials in already existing musical-songs. Why not use the funny "These are a few of my favorite Rings", the Frodo and Sam-duet "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" and the very romantic song by Eowyn or Arwen or whom ever that was... Here is the first verse:

Mel.: Edelweiss

Aragorn, Aragorn
Ev'ry morning you greet me
Strider rough, tough and kind
King of Gondor you meet me
I'm your maid
and I'm not afraid
while your hand is near me
Aragorn, You was born
Arwen's husband forever

The more dramatic and modern score, almost estatic, can be heard when we turn to the vile guys from Mordor. Yes, here we are: A song from the great Uruk-Hai songbook, melody stolen from "Chess":

Mel.: One night in Bangkok

Sauron is there sitting
and the Hobbit don't know what Midgaard is getting
The créme de la créme of the Black Guys in a
Fight with everything but Old Elron

Time flies doesn't seems to linger
Since the Black Lord Sauron lost a middle finger
All change don't you know that when you
Play at this level there's no ordinary venue

It's Rohan or the Marshes or Dale or ... or this place

One night in Mordor and the Ring's your Master
The Orcs are grimmer than you thought they'd be
They beat you so your Mum could easy pass you
and say for sure you was not there to see
I can feel the Shaddow sliding up to me

We can hardly wait for the musical to come to a music hall ... very far away from us!