OS/2 and AS/400, the story - day 2

Yesterday was fine, OS/2 was installed with sound and videodrivers and network (although not entirely correct, but I'll fix that sometime) and now I think a little handfull of applications should be installed as well. If you want to get the same, the page with links is here.

Installing OS/2 (10. April, 2006)

I'll start by defining minor issues in the CONFIG.SYS file, such as TEMP-directory, DELETED-folder and minor stuff. When I'm done, I'll show my completed CONFIG.SYS file for the world to laugh at.

The first program, I install is an unzipper. There is a lot of these around, so I just went to the Hobbes archive (everybody interested in OS/2 should go there!) and downloaded a utillity named PMZipper. A weird thing is that the unzipper is zipped - you'll need to unzip it before you can use it. Normal WinZip on a windows computer can do that, and then the stuff can be installed.

The next one is a utillity named Dereg. I wrote the thing myself back in 1995 (that long ago?!) and it was uploaded to Hobbes. The utillity can deregister classes from the WorkPlace system, which is fine - if you want to get rid of UltiMail this is almost the only possibility. I also retrieved a small utillity from my old diskettes here that I found, the utillity SHOWINI that can be used to show the variables of any OS/2 *.INI-file. Quite usefull!

The next BIG step is to install Java! I am not interrested in the o-o-old version of Java that is included in the OS/2 Merling distribution - it's a laugh! Instead, I want something a bit more modern, and it seems that the German company Innotek has something to offer.
First of all, I tried DEREG to remove the classes WPJavaRef and WPJavaClass. As DEREG is safe (it won't deregister really important classes!) then this is a fine step to take. DEREG rejected to deregister the classes, so nothing here to be done.
Next, I deleted all references in the CONFIG.SYS file to any JAVA-environment. I then tried to install the Innotek-software. but it complains, sayin that the "InnoTek Runtime not installed". I'll have to find out...
...Aha! I'll have to install a shared Runtime first! Let's see if this works now (it actually seems so - this is fun!). I am now installing the Java SDK version 1.4.2_05 (build 60) which is fine by me. The reason for installing Java now is partly because other application (like Opera and StarOffice) that I want to install later on is using Java for some of their tasks. The installation took something like 10 minuttes - I then rebooted (for good measures) and in an OS/2-command window I went to the directory C:\java142\bin and gave the commands java -version and javac - both worked like they should! The installation did not fill my CONFIG.SYS with anything naughty, not even a stupid classpath, so I can really do my own fitting around. Splendid!!

The last thing I want to do tonight is to install StarOffice ver. 5.1 for OS/2. I found my copy from this place on Hobbes and it really took some time to find (yes, I should have looked at Hobbes right away!). The thing about StarOffice as compared to OpenOffice is that I already is using StarOffice in my Windows-environment, so I want something familiary. The installation seems to run smoothly - after this, I'll have myself a bath!

Go to tomorrow...